20_7105_000Experience Finland in Northern Minnesota at Salolampi. Salolampi Finnish Language Village holds adult immersion programs for a week in the spring and fall each year. Discover the language, crafts, music, games, literature, and lifestyles of the Finns and their relatives throughout the world. Explore Finnish art, folklore,and authentic cuisine. Hear and sing the music, try the crafts, games, and dances of Finland. World-class language instruction is offered at all levels of proficiency. Additional presentations in Finnish culture are also offered. Come and meet new friends nationwide.

Adult Week Scholarship for College & University Students

A 30% reduction in tuition scholarship will be granted to college or university students who wish to attend a Salolampi Adult Week. To qualify, the student must have attended or graduated from an accredited college or university within the calendar year. One scholarship per person per year is allowed, limited to the first 12 qualifying applicants.

College & University Students Applicants:
Download Scholarship Application HERE (2020 coming soon) or write to the Salolampi Foundation.

Adult Week First Time Registration Discount

Those who register as a FIRST TIME villager will be eligible for a $50 discount.

Adult Week Travel Scholarships

An adult villager traveling more than 500 miles to a Salolampi Adult Week is eligible for a $50 travel scholarship.

Download Application HERE or write to the Salolampi Foundation.

Work Weekend Coupons

A first time villager who volunteers during a spring or fall work weekend is awarded a $50 coupon, which will be credited toward tuition for Adult Week. A coupon should be requested from the Work Weekend Coordinator at the completion of the Work Weekend. Coupons should be used within 1 year of receipt.