1) Finnish immigrants have settled throughout North America

Michigan and Minnesota were among the largest centers of Finnish immigration in the past, and many of these communities are Finnish-American cultural centers today. Significant populations of native Finnish speakers are also located Florida and Ontario.

2) Finnish is useful

Did you know that in addition to being the official language of Finland, Finnish is also one of the official languages of the European Union, and is spoken in Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Republic of Karelia? More than 6 million people speak Finnish worldwide. There are even significant populations of Finnish speakers in Florida, Ontario, Michigan and Minnesota.

3) Finnish connects you with the past

Imagine how fun it would be to chat with grandma in her native tongue, or to learn the history of your ancestors. Even if you just want to get an insider’s view of the rich history of northern Europe, Concordia Language Villages has what you need. At Salolampi, you’ll learn words, phrases and the history and traditions of Finnish speaking people as you immerse yourself in a fun, culturally-authentic learning environment.

4) Finnish helps you prepare for the future

Knowing more than one language is a great credential for any college application or job interview. And understanding another culture gives you an appreciation for new experiences that will last a lifetime.

5) Finnish is fun!

From the moment you get your Finnish “passport” and select your Finnish name, you’ll enjoy every minute of your Salolampi experience. New words, new foods, new songs, new games, new friends and tons of care and attention from knowledgeable staff make learning Finnish at Salolampi an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The OPI Book

opi2OPI Volume 2 by former Salolampi Dean, Larry “Lauri” Saukko is based upon monthly “OPI” columns published in the Finnish American Reporter. The book includes 52 one-page chapters, some based on themes, some on random collections of sentences, where readers can learn many interesting Finnish sentences and phrases and also test their knowledge of English to Finnish or Finnish to English.

Larger quantities for shipment are also available, please inquire. Retail outlets selling Finnish or other Nordic items may also acquire the book for resale at a reduced rate. Inquire by email to opi.vol.two@gmail.com for further information.”


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