The Salolampi Foundation is composed of volunteers who have the mission to support the Finnish Language Village called Salolampi that is one of 14 Concordia Language Villages affiliated with Concordia College of Moorhead Minnesota. Interested individuals are nominated and elected to a 3-year term on the Salolampi Foundation Board of Directors. Members may serve beyond 3 years for succeeding 1 year terms. Board meetings are held four times a year, normally in different locations within Minnesota. The active membership divides into groups to serve on numerous committees. The executive committee, consisting of the President and 3 or more officers, meet as necessary between board meetings to handle matters that require immediate attention.


Aino Wheler – President
Katie-Rose Imbriano – Vice President
Paavo Taipale – Treasurer
Laura Bernard Moon – Secretary
Mark Kellaher – Past President
Riku Castro
Linda Warpula Davis
Ceridwen Koski
Steve Leppälä
Kristi Loeck
Aili Lund
Eric Mäki
Heidi Marttila-Losure
Kaisa Taipale

Ex-Officio Members:
Jennifer Jenna Porter– Dean, Salolampi Finnish Language Village
Mary Maus Kosir – Executive Director, Concordia Language Villages
Marc Johnson – Director of Development, Concordia Language Villages

*Bolded text denotes member of Executive Committee


Jennifer Jenna Porter

Adult Week Program Leader

Tiina Watts