In The Kalevala, Finland’s national epic, the Sampo is a magical mill that supplies its owner with all of life’s needs. Hence, the Sampo campaign invites gifts to the Salolampi Foundation Endowment Fund, whose intent is to establish an enduring fund to  provide scholarship support in perpetuity. We Finnish Americans have a proud heritage, and we place great importance on the growth of Salolampi, enabling future generations to learn the Finnish language and the history and culture of Finland.

Salolampi is a success story. See About Salolampi to learn the 30-year history of the financial and volunteer efforts of Finnish Americans who helped create and continue to support the Finnish Language Village.

The Salolampi Foundation Board of Directors is an active, dedicated group of people who have further advanced the endowment fund to provide ongoing scholarship awards.

The Salolampi Sampo encompasses a number of efforts to build the endowment fund. These “8 Ways to Leave a Legacy” can be a guide to a plan to lend your support to Salolampi.

8 Ways to Leave a Legacy:

  • Learn more about how to go about leaving a legacy. Call or write to a member of the Salolampi Foundation Board or if you wish confidentiality, contact Thrivent Charitable in the Twin Cities.
  • Prepare a Will. Only 50 percent of those who pass away have one. Without a will, you lose control of possessions you worked a lifetime to acquire.
  • Leave a gift in your Will for organizations that are important to you. Contributions to non-profit organizations in an estate plan have a distinct tax advantage.
  • Leave a specific amount to Salolampi – $500 or $50,000. Every gift is appreciated. Imagine the positive impact if everyone involved with Salolampi made even a modest donation.
  • Consider using assets such as insurance policies, real estate, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, vehicles, art, jewelry.. for your gift. Such gifts can provide tax savings and income to you now.
  • Name the Salolampi Foundation Sampo Fund as the beneficiary of your IRA account or pension plan.
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy naming the Salolampi Foundation Sampo Fund as the beneficiary.
  • Name the Salolampi Foundation Sampo Fund as beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.

The Salolampi Foundation will assist you in exploring options and will advise you in carrying out your wishes. We hope you will allow us to list your name only (no amount) in our publications. That is an effective way to attract more donors. Or we can list you simply as an anonymous donor if you wish.